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Videos Targeted Proteomics Course 2016

Day 1: Setting up targeted MS experiments

Ben Collins - Opening remarks

Christina Ludwig - The ABC of Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM)

Ruedi Aebersold - Biological significance of targeted proteomics experiments

Brendan MacLean - Introduction to the software Skyline

Ariel Bensimon - Setting-up targeted proteomics experiments

Day 2: Analyzing SRM/PRM data

Christina Ludwig - Quantitative targeted proteomics

Jake Jaffe - Introduction into Parallel Reaction Monitoring

Ludovic Gillet - Automated peak picking, scoring and FDR estimation

SkyJam - Brendan MacLean - Method Refinement and Effective Data Processing

Day 3: Statistics and full-scan targeting

Jake Jaffe - Computational and Analytical Methods for Getting the Most from Targeted Proteomics

Olga Vitek - Experimental study design

Ben Collins - Introduction into data-independent acquisition (DIA/SWATH)

Olga Vitek - Statistics in targeted proteomics

SkyJam - Brendan MacLean - Data analysis issues

Day 4: Targeted DIA and PTMs

Ben Collins - Assay library generation and publicly available library resources for SWATH/DIA

Isabell Bludau - Introduction to the software MSstats

Yansheng Liu - Targeted methods of data extraction in DIA (and more...)

Ariel Bensimon - Monitoring Phosphorylations by targeted proteomics

Day 5: Applications of large scale targeted proteomics

Ruedi Aebersold - Proteotype variability: Where does it come from and what does it mean?

Lukas Reiter - Targeted DIA on Orbitrap analyzers using Spectronaut

SkyJam - Brendan MacLean - Processing DDA Data with Skyline

Yansheng Liu - Biomarker research using Targeted Proteomics

Ludovic Gillet - Wrap-up

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