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Videos DIA/SWATH Course 2017

Day 1: Biological significance and introduction to SWATH/DIA

Ben Collins - Opening remarks

Ruedi Aebersold - Biological significance of SWATH-MS experiments

Christina Ludwig - Targeted Proteomics Primer

Ben Collins - Introduction to DIA/SWATH acquisition and concepts

Christina Ludwig - General principles of quantitative proteomics

Eduard Sabidó - Quality control in MS-based proteomics

Ben Collins - Generating Libraries for DIA/SWATH analysis

Day 2: Concepts of peptide-centric analysis

Brendan MacLean - SkyJam 1

Michael MacCoss - Introduction to DIA on Orbitraps and peptide-centric versus spectrum-centric analysis

Ludovic Gillet - Concepts of peptide-centric DIA analysis - Automated peak picking and false discovery rates

Isabell Bludau - Details on FDR control in a DIA workflow and TRIC

Brendan MacLean - Introduction to Skyline for DIA analysis

Day 3: Concepts of spectrum-centric analysis

Brendan MacLean - SkyJam 2

Alexey Nesvizhskii - Introduction to spectrum-centric analysis of DIA data

Olga Vitek - Introduction to experimental design and statistical analysis

Alexey Nesvizhskii - Details on DIA-UMPIRE

Skyline Walk-Through - Brendan MacLean

Day 4: Data analysis in comparison

Brendan MacLean - SkyJam 3

Michael MacCoss - Recent developments and furture direction in DIA

Ariel Bensimon - Analysis of post-translational modifications by SWATH-MS

Day 5: Downstream analysis and application

Brendan MacLean - SkyJam 4

Olga Vitek - Statistical analysis of DIA data

Lukas Reiter - An industrial perspective on DIA and the Spectronaut sofftware

Ruedi Aebersold - Reproducibility of research results in proteomics

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